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Our Classes

Classical Ballet

(Ages 2½+ years)

A formal type of dance training. At Essential Energy this discipline is taught using various musical styles... not just classical! Commenced at any age from 2½ years including adult beginners and advanced students. Ladies... this is a great way to tone and tighten!


Contemporary Dance/Lyrical

A modern and very popular concept which works at its best when studied alongside Classical Ballet and/or Modern Contemporary Jazz, although can be taken as an independent subject.


Musical Theatre

(Ages 5+ years)

A fun lively combination of singing, dancing and drama skills for anyone aged 5 years or above. This type of class is brilliant for those people brimming with confidence to those wishing to build upon these sets of skills. How far will your imagination allow you to go?

Be creative, study many musical genres, write your own scripts, exercise those vocals, dance and switch into your character on that stage!



(Ages 3+ years)

Rhythmic, challenging and so satisfying. Learn to make fabulous sounds with your feet! Especially noisy when our Twinkle Toes classes are running. For 3 years through to adult beginners and up to advanced students.


Theatre Craft

(All ages accepted)

The many varied dance styles of the theatre. This works brilliantly alongside Musical Theatre but can also be enjoyed separately. Again weekday and weekend classes available for all age groups boys and girls. Love the musicals? Then let’s dance!


Contemporary Modern Jazz

(Ages 4+ years)

Again the sky's the limit! Whilst having fun build on your strength, flexibility and technical awareness which then enables the body to dance like those on TV. A great combination of commercial and lyrical styles involved. Available from 4/5years old.


Freestyle/Hip Hop/Street Dance

(All ages accepted)

Energy packed classes to the latest sounds with the latest dance moves...become that backing dancer to a pop group! Suitable for any age group boys and girls.



(Ages 4+ years)

Shake those pompoms, chant and dance, may include gymnastic work and stunts for some students. A fun high energy class for all ages from 4 years.



(Ages 5+ years)

For those children who like to spend most of their time upside down, come along and have fun learning the basics of acrobatics including learning to work with rhythm, hoops and balls. Also learn to work and enjoy using props like ribbons, hoops, balls and have great fun on our air track.


Talented Tots

(Ages 2 1/2 years)

Here's where to start for pre-school children. A class full of energy and fun with the use of varied props to help children's interactions and imaginations.


Funky Movers

(Ages 5+ years)

Using the latests sounds, learning the latests dance moves, come along to this fun funky class involving freestyle dance.


Fitness Classes

(Age 16+ years)

Work on improving general all over body strength, flexibility, cardio, toning and tightening. Join our fun and friendly like minded people. Looking after yourself is so important so take some YOU time. These classes are suitable for most standards of fitness.

Please feel free to call Dawn on 07884 444069 to chat about your requirements.